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October 18, 2012
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// Emmie the Panda // by Kellkie // Emmie the Panda // by Kellkie

★Emmie the Panda★

Name: Emmie Scarlette
Nicknames: Em, Emms, Emmers
Age: 15
Species: Panda
Gender: Female
D.O.B.: March 26th
Birthplace: Azure Lake
Current Residence: Emerald Hill

Alignment: Hero

Ability type: Speed

Hobbies and interests:
She enjoys athletics - mainly hurdles. She keeps up her fitness this way mostly, but she also tries to do gymnastics to be flexible.

Some words that describe Emmie? Independent, stubborn, cheerful, and immature.
She hates to ask for help and she always has to be right.
Emmie is very immature, and often isn't serious when she needs to be.
Most of the time she likes to make people laugh and have a good time with her close friends.

Emmie has the ability to create and manipulate fire.
She is pretty quick, flexible, and has generally good agility.
Emmie has a high jumping ability. This is due to jumping hurdles as a hobby.

Her main weakness is water. She won't go near it unless it is to get washed.
Despite her being quick, she is extremely weak in a physical fight. She has to use her fire powers and speed to get the upper hand in a fight.
She is not a strong person emotionally. She will break down from her emotions easily, and cannot handle emotions such as guilt; it eats away at her until she breaks down.

She has limited fire powers, which are powered up by her bangles. When wearing them, she can create large flames for a longer period of time. Without them, she can only create small flames for a very short amount of time. The bangles each contain very tiny pieces of a chaos emerald.
How she got them? She came into contact with a chaos emerald, but she got a strange reaction. She had acquired limited fire powers from the emerald.

She lived with her Mum Anna, and her younger sister Melody, at Azure Lake. Their Dad, Jace, is always traveling so they don't see him much.

When she was 14 years old, she was outside by herself, when she saw a glowing light coming from a cave. Curious, she went to go and find what it was. When she got inside the cave, she saw a glowing gem shaped like an emerald. Fascinated with it, she went to go and pick it up so she could show her friends and family what she found. However, when she touched it, it began to glow far brighter than it was before and shot a beam of light right into her chest. She passed out. When she woke up, she was outside of the cave. She ran back into the cave to see if the emerald was still there, but it wasn't. She came to the conclusion that someone had taken her and the emerald, and placed her outside the cave. She wondered who it was, but she could not remember.

Shortly after that, her sister was annoying her as usual. Emmie got angry, and before she knew it, her hands suddenly caught fire. At first she was surprised and scared, but began to love her new powers. However they were pathetically weak, so she wanted to make them stronger. In the cave she had found some tiny emerald shards, so she inserted them into her normal bangles hoping it would help them become stronger. It worked.

Soon after, she wanted to leave home and live with her best friend Hazelnut at Emerald Hill. It was at Emerald Hill that she met Demien and they became good friends, calling themselves Team Airlight. She met her rival Shayna, whilst training her powers with Hazelnut and Demien, who challenged Emmie to a fight. Emmie just barely won, and Shayna swore revenge. From that day on, they are sworn rivals.

Likes: Fire, hot weather, nature, heights, cooking/baking, running, gymnastics.
Dislikes: Water, cold weather, spiders, confined spaces, fighting, her own emotions getting the better of her, staying still.
Favourite colour(s): Orange
Favourite food(s): Oranges and strawberries

Hazel the Wolf
Demien the Coyote
Relationship status: Single
Sexual orientation: Straight
Love interest: N/A
Rival: Shayna the Cat
Shayna hates her, although Emmie doesn't actually know why. Emmie doesn't like Shayna because she always seems to put people down and make people's lives a misery.

Team: Team Airlight
Speed: Emmie
Flight: Demien
Power: Hazel

Other facts:
She hates staying still for too long.
She bakes things for people as gifts.
Her biggest fear is disappointing her friends and family.
Her choker transforms into a sharp boomerang to use as a weapon. However, she will only use it when absolutely necessary, as she doesn't like to hurt people.


It's about time. I've been using her SA pic as a reference for art trades, commissions, etc. It just isn't good enough. |D

Sorry for the long bio as well, haha. Needed to get everything down here; didn't want her reference and bio to be separate anymore.

Hope you like it~


Emmie and art -> =Kellkie
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